How It Works

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ShipShack is the leading, regional courier and logistics company. ShipShack customers enjoy fast, easy, affordable sea freight package shipment once weekly, from the United States into the Caribbean region.


How It works

Quick and easy way to make shipping easier

Shop at your favorite web site, use your ShipShack account Address as the Ship to address. Your package will be shipped and cleared through Customs by us. Your package will be available for pickup at your chosen local ShipShack location.

All you need to do is signup for a FREE ShipShack account. After signup, you will receive an account number, which forms part of your shipping address which you will use at check out when ordering.

For example, if your name is James Brown, and your account number is DOM9999, your ShipShack Account address (Your Ship to Address) will be:

James Brown
2900 NW 112th Ave
Doral FL, 33172

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Wanted to Make logistics easier

Simply order your items anywhere online or ShipShack orders for you, and you can receive your packages in as little as a week, once the packages reach our U.S warehouse.

The shipping service can also be utilized to receive packages from friends and relatives in the U.S, or if you are traveling and do not wish to pay extra charges for flight luggage.

ShipShack offers tracking and shipment notification services via your personal ShipShack account. ShipShack customers also benefit from points on their orders. Every dollar spent through ShipShack; you gain one point which can be used to clear your packages once accumulated.

ShipShack provides multiple convenient pickup locations across the region. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to serve you the best customer service from Monday to Sunday on the phone, in-store and online.

For further info on all our services please visit our FAQ section

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